To Our Patrons & Neighbors,

With great sadness, I announce the closing of PACKED dumplings reimagined - Hyde Park.

I want to say a heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to the friends of PACKED for your patronage over these last few months. 

It was such a pleasure to share my passion for inventive, delicious food with those of you who not only appreciate Mike’s innovation, but who also value the lengths that I went to to serve an environmentally-responsible menu in an eco-sensitive way. Unfortunately, though, with the proliferation of factory farming, it is quite costly to pay local farmers & ranchers fair prices for Earth-friendly organic produce and for raising livestock humanely. 

In the end, this specific location did not provide the consistent level of traffic I expected & needed to compensate for our labor intensive product and strict adherence in only using non-gmo, organic and humanely raised ingredients. 

As we head into the prime of the farmers’ market season, I hope that you will continue to keep your friends close and your farmers closer!


Aaron DiMaria